In February of 2015, Niki completed a unique, year-long PDC program with Delvin Solkinson. In addition to having significant influence on her work in technology, studying permaculture led Niki to become involved with cob building, rocket mass heaters, and beekeeping.

Cob Building

Cob is a particular mixture of sand, clay, straw which dries into a rock-like substance. Niki has been building with cob as a hobby since the summer of 2014, and has been involved in several shelter, oven, and artistic projects.

Rocket Mass Heaters

Niki is currently on a personal crusade to raise awareness of rocket mass heaters and encourage local municipalities to adopt a standardized permitting process for them in residential homes. Recently, she partnered with architect, potter, and engineer Glenn Herbert to demonstrate rocket mass heaters at the Green Ossining Earth Day Festival.


Bees, and by extension, the integrity of our food system, are in great threat. Beekeeping is a vital and rewarding activity into which Niki has recently ventured.

Social Permacutlure

Permaculture ethics and principles can be applied to all aspects of life. Niki's primary areas of focus are on the development and use of appropriate technology, and mindful living practices.