The following services are available via gift or trade. Note: I am not a professional in any of these areas. They are activities in which I have DIY experience, can do competently in most cases, and enjoy practicing. I'll always be honest about my capabilities and have no intention of selling anyone anything. 

  • Interior Painting
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Tiling
  • Floor Sanding and Finishing
  • Furniture Repair & Restoration
  • Wooden or Plush toy repairs
  • Simple Clothing Repairs (e.g. buttons, pockets, torn seams)
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Basic plumbing (e.g. fixtures)
  • Rain barrel constuction and installation
  • Cob building (my favorite!)
  • Garden Design
  • Edible Landscaping

...and anything fun, productive, and useful that I haven't tried before: a list too long to include here.