About Niki Hammond

Niki Hammond is an information technology strategist, permaculturist, project manager, speaker, and facilitator who is committed to the vision and actualization of a better world through appropriate technology, environmental stewardship, and creative play.

Niki has been in technology for over 15 years, working with nonprofits to improve their business processes by designing and implementing systems that are effective, efficient, scalable, and sustainable. In addition to the projects she leads in a professional capacity, she volunteers with local community, educational, and environmental organizations.

As a student of permaculture, Niki applies a nature-inspired design methodology to physical, virtual, and spiritual spaces. From time management to cob building to rocket mass heater construction & evangelization, she places the ethics of Earth care, people care, and fair share at the forefront of her endeavors, seizing opportunities to create learning experiences and build community along the way.

She's also a game designer and has created dozens of physical, tabletop, and roleplaying games, exploring themes such as cultural programming, consciousness, and social dynamics. Niki believes that play, not just in childhood but throughout all stages of life, offers unique opportunities for deep learning, meaningful human connection, and creative self-expression.

Niki's combination of technical expertise, reverence for the natural world, and talent for creative abstraction offers a unique perspective and has positive impacts on people, communities, and the world. To contact Niki, email her at [her first name] @ [this domain dot com], or connect via Twitter at @niki9 or @permietech. Her HAM Radio call sign is n1kig.